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Probate Court of Montgomery County, Ohio, Alice O

PROBATE COURT OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO, ALICE O. MCCOLLUM, JUDGE, THE ESTATE OF JAMES L. CLEARY JR. AKA JAMES CLEARY, CASE NO. 2020EST00207 IN RE: NOTICE OF HEARING ON APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION OF LOST WILL TO PROBATE TO: Beau James Cleary aka Beau Cleary. You are hereby notified that an Application for Admission of Lost Will to Probate has been filed in the above-referenced estate and that a hearing on the Application will be held on June 17, 2020 at 10:00 A.M. at the Montgomery County Probate Court, 41 N. Perry St., 2nd Floor, Dayton, OH 45422. By: Ted Gudorf, J.D., LL.M., Gudorf Law Group LLC, 8153 N. Main St., Dayton, OH 45415 (937) 898-5583, Attorney for Applicant Britni Cleary-Woods. 5-4,5-11,5-18/2020
May 4, 2020
June 2, 2020
May 26, 2020 5:25pm