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City of Fairfield Legislation Summary No. 13-2022 Following

CITY OF FAIRFIELD LEGISLATION SUMMARY NO. 13-2022 Following is a summary of legislation adopted by the Fairfield City Council on September 12, 2022. A complete text may be viewed at the following Fairfield locations: Fairfield Municipal Building (Room 138), Fairfield Lane Public Library, Fairfield YMCA, Fairfield Community Arts Center, and the Wildwood Manor House. Ord. 109-22 Execute a Community Reinvestment Area Agreement with AOZI-Fairfield Building V, LLC, for the expansion site, a Compensation Agreement with the Fairfield City School District and AOZI-Fairfield V, LLC for the expansion site at 9391 Seward Road and declaring an emergency. Ord. 110-22 Declare various pieces of fire equipment as surplus and authorize the City Manager to execute an agreement with to sell the pieces of equipment. Ord. 111-22 Authorize the City Manager to execute the acceptance of an Assistance for Firefighters Grant (AFG) award for the purchase of medical equipment for the Fire Department and declaring an emergency. Ord. 112-22 Authorize the City Manager to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with Sacred Heart of Jesus School to provide a resource officer for the 2022-2023 school year and declaring an emergency. Ord. 113-22 Authorize the City Manager to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Dayton, Ohio for the purchase of lime and for services associated with lime residuals recycling Ord. 114-22 Authorize the City Manager to execute and file the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) Issue 1 - Grant Application and Agreement for 2024 Street Improvement Program and declaring an emergency. Ord. 115-22 Authorize the City Manager to enter into a contract with Fierhrer Motors, Inc. for the purchase of two (2) GMC Acadias for the Police Department and declaring an emergency Ord. 116-22 2022 Wage & Salary Ordinance Hourly Wages Ord. 117-22 Issuance of $38,521.13 of bonds by the City of Fairfield, Ohio, to pay part of the cost of sidewalk repair in the City, and declaring an emergency. Ord. 118-22 Supplemental Appropriations Ord. 119-22 Contractual Appropriations: $96,462 for the purchase and outfitting of two police vehicles Ord. 120-22 Non-Contractual Appropriations: $9,000 for Water Division Production Well Maintenance; $24,809 for Public Works Facility Upgrades; $45,000 for engineering services for Wastewater Treatment Plan project; $14,000 for Wastewater Division Concrete Improvements. Res. 17-22 Amend Section 4, Paragraph 4.3 and Appendix B of the Rules of Council. Res. 18-22 Accept the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the County Auditor. 9-16/2022
September 16, 2022
October 15, 2022
October 2, 2022 1:05pm