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City of Fairfield Legislation Summary No. 15-2019 Following

CITY OF FAIRFIELD LEGISLATION SUMMARY NO. 15-2019 Following is a summary of legislation adopted by the Fairfield City Council on September 23, 2019. A complete text may be viewed at the following Fairfield locations: Fairfield Municipal Building (Room 138), Fairfield Lane Public Library, Fairfield YMCA, Fairfield Community Arts Center, and the Wildwood Manor House. Res. 8-19 Approve the Ward Boundary Review Commission Report and recommendation to make no changes to the boundaries of the four wards and amend the City Charter to require a decennial review. Ord. 96-19 Contract with Medicount Management, Inc. to provide EMS Billing Services to the City of Fairfield and Ord. 97-19 Issuance of $80,882.70 of bonds by the City of Fairfield, Ohio, to pay part of the cost of sidewalk repair in the City, and declaring an emergency. Ord. 98-19 2019 Wage & Salary Ordinance Hourly Employees Ord. 99-19 Appropriation Ordinance (Non-Contractual Items) $20,000 for meter reading equipment; $3,570 for raw water well flow testing; $7,450 for asphalt repairs for the Water Division; $7,200 for concrete repairs at Waste water Plant. 9-27/2109
September 27, 2019
October 26, 2019
October 26, 2019 8:10pm