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City of Fairfield Legislation Summary No. 4-2023 Following

CITY OF FAIRFIELD LEGISLATION SUMMARY NO. 4-2023 Following is a summary of legislation adopted by the Fairfield City Council on February 27, 2023. A complete text may be viewed at the following Fairfield locations: Fairfield Municipal Building (Room 138), Fairfield Lane Public Library, Fairfield YMCA, Fairfield Community Arts Center, and the Wildwood Manor House. Res. 2-23 Approve and adopt the City of Fairfield, Ohio 2023-2027 Capital Improvement Program Ord. 19-23 Amendment to the Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) Contract with Fairfield Township, and declaring an emergency. Ord. 20-23 Contract with Cincy Entertainment Services for the purchase of a Video Wall with Appurtenances for use at Parks and Recreation Events and declaring an emergency. Ord. 21-23 Agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for Signage of US and State Bicycle Routes and declaring an emergency. Ord. 22-23 Three (3) year contract with GSF USA, Inc. for janitorial services for various municipal buildings. Ord. 23-23 Contract with Mt. Pleasant Blacktopping Co. Inc. for the 2023 Asphalt Paving and Resurfacing Project. Ord. 24-23 Contract with Rack and Ballauer Excavating Co., Inc. for the 2023 Pleasant Avenue Improvements Project. Ord. 25-23 Contract with Aero-Mark Company, LLC for the 2023 Pavement Marking Application Program. Ord. 26-23 Contract with Vogelpohl Fire Equipment for the purchase of a 2023 E-One Typhoon HR100 Quint Fire Truck to be used by the Fire Department, to repeal Ordinance No. 69-22, and declaring an emergency. Ord. 27-23 Supplemental Appropriations. Ord. 28-23 Contractual Appropriations: $2,600,000 for 2023 Asphalt Paving and Resurfacing Project; $710,000 for 2023 Pleasant Avenue Improvements Project; $62,000 for 2023 Pavement Marking Application Program, $99,073 for Video Wall for Parks & Recreation Department, and $1,414,576 for a Fire Engine. Ord. 29-23 Non-Contractual Appropriations: $17,460 for Water Well #5 Rehabilitation 3-3/2023
March 3, 2023
April 1, 2023
March 22, 2023 8:05pm