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City of Fairfield Legislation Summary No. 9-2023 Following

CITY OF FAIRFIELD LEGISLATION SUMMARY NO. 9-2023 Following is a summary of legislation adopted by the Fairfield City Council on May 8, 2023. A complete text may be viewed at the following Fairfield locations: Fairfield Municipal Building (Room 138), Fairfield Lane Public Library, Fairfield YMCA, Fairfield Community Arts Center, and the Wildwood Manor House. Res. 5-23 Permit a Fairfield property owner at 1053 Schirmer Drive to receive City of Hamilton, Ohio water service and declaring an emergency. Ord. 80-23 Contract with Blue Strike Environmental for professional and technical services related to the development and implementation of a Sustainability Plan for the City of Fairfield. Ord. 81-23 Contract with Hazen and Sawyer for Engineering Services related to the Aeration System Improvements at the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant. Ord. 82-23 Execute and file the application for financial assistance and enter into an agreement with Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for a Jobs and Commerce Grant for the Seward Road and Tylersville Road Intersection Improvements and declaring an emergency. Ord. 83-23 Contract with Barry L. Brown Paving, LLC for the construction of the Riegert Square Roadway Improvement (Pleasant Avenue Streetscape) and declaring an emergency. Ord. 84-23 Contractual Appropriations: $541,000 for Wastewater Treatment Plant Aeration System Improvement Project; $125,500 for Sustainability Plan development and implementation services; $15,000 for sidewalk gap program (existing contract); $1,225,000 for Reigert Square Roadway Improvement Project. Ord. 85-23 Non-Contractual Appropriations: $27,350 for miscellaneous traffic signal upgrades/spare parts; $35,000 for Parks Facilities Maintenance - Automatic Locks for Bathrooms; $45,000 for Ross and Woodridge Intersection Study and other engineering items; $50,000 for emergency drainage repair in front of 3240 Production Drive (multiple vendors); $46,686 for purchase of GMC Sierra 1500 (Engineering Division); $30,000 for 2023 Grounds, Entry-Ways and Landscaping program; $47,000 for Municipal Building and Annex repairs. 5-12/2023
May 12, 2023
June 10, 2023
June 10, 2023 8:05pm