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The Following Matters Are the Subject

The following matters are the subject of this public notice by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The complete public notice, including any additional instructions for submitting comments, requesting information, a public hearing, or filing an appeal may be obtained at: http://www.epa.ohio. gov/actions.aspx or Hearing Clerk, Ohio EPA, 50 W. Town St. P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio 43216. Ph: 614-644-3037 email: Application for Title V Minor Permit Modification Received Cargill, Inc. - Dayton 3201 Needmore Road, P.O. Box 1400 A, Dayton, OH 45413-8001 ID #: A0064813 Date of Action: 10/24/2019 Minor modification of Title V permit P0106207 to incorporate changes to Emissions Units P002 and P013 authorized by PTI P0125254. Other changes to be made through this permitting action: revise select scrubber operating parameters for EU P067 as a result of a compliant stack test conducted on 7-31-2019 and Facility Profile changes for EUs P028 (invalidate) and P900 (startup date). Cargill also requests removal of the requirements to monitor NOx emissions from B004 and B006 using 40 CFR Part 75 following changes to OAC Chapter 3745-14. Final Issuance of Revocation of Permit-To-Install and Operate DMAX, LTD 10791 Dog Leg Rd, Union, OH 45377 ID #: RVK04545 Date of Action: 10/24/2019 Permit revoked. Final Issuance of Permit-To-Install and Operate Masonite Corporation 3250 Old Springfield Rd, Vandalia, OH 45377 ID #: P0127383 Date of Action: 10/25/2019 Initial installation PTIO for wood, fiberglass and metal doors and jambs coating operations. Approval of Directors Authorization request to exceed thresholds in the 401 WQC DA MOT-40-13.33 PID 98794 US 40 (at Union Park), Vandalia, OH 45337 Facility Description: 401 Certification ID #: DSW401185944 Date of Action: 10/28/2019 This final action not preceded by proposed action and is appealable to ERAC. Approval of a Director's Authorization Application to Exceed 401 WQC Thresholds of Nationwide Permit (NWP) No. 14, MOT-40-13.33 PID 98794 Final Issuance of Permit to Install City of Huber Heights Facility Description: Wastewater ID #: 1310937 Date of Action: 10/29/2019 This final action not preceded by proposed action and is appealable to ERAC. Project: Lexington Place Section 9 - Installation of 653 LF of 8-inch pvc sanitary sewer Project Location: Gulf Stream and Derby Place, Huber Heights Operator Certification ID #: OPCD000021, OPCD000022, OPCD000023, OPCD000024 Date of Action: 10/25/2019 In accordance with OAC Rule 3745-400-26, Mary Beth Jackson,Steve Sinsley,Brian Tray, Tim Clark, have applied to become Construction and Demolition Debris Certified Operators. They have met both the experience and continuing education requirements. Therefore, the director is approving them as C&DD Certified Operators until the expiration date of December 31, 2020. Final Issuance of Revocation of Permit-To-Install and Operate Walls Asphalt #2 - Phillipsburg 9843 SR 49, Phillipsburg, OH 45309 ID #: RVK04548, RVK04549, RVK04550 Date of Action: 10/30/2019 Permits revoked. Final Approval of Plans and Specifications Huber Heights PWS 6244 Chambersburg Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424 Facility Description: Community Water System ID #: 1311594 Date of Action: 10/30/2019 This final action not preceded by proposed action and is appealable to ERAC. Detail Plans for PWSID:OH5703612 Plan No:1311594 Regarding Lexington Place Section 9. 11-3/2019
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December 3, 2019
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