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The Following Matters Are the Subject

The following matters are the subject of this public notice by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The complete public notice, including any additional instructions for submitting comments, requesting information, a public hearing, filing an appeal, or ADA accommodations may be obtained at: or Hearing Clerk, Ohio EPA, 50 W. Town St. P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio 43216. Ph: 614-644-3037 email: Approval of Application for Water Pollution Control Loan Fund Assistance Clark County 50 East Columbia Street, P.O. Box 2639, Springfield, OH 45501 Facility Description: CW Financial Assistance ID #: HS390012-0021 Date of Action: 05/18/2022 The City of Springfield project is for the repair and replacement of household sewage treatment systems in Clark County. Final Issuance of Class B Biosolids Site Authorization Dovetail Energy LLC - Anaerobic Digestion Facility 1146 Herr Rd, Fairborn, OH 45324 Facility Description: Privately owned facility Receiving Water: Land application ID #: 1IN00305 Date of Action: 07/15/2022 This final action not preceded by proposed action and is appealable to ERAC. The following site (12-00489), located in Bethel Township, Clark and Miami County, are authorized for the beneficial use of Class B Biosolids from Dovetail Energy LLC. A biosolids site location map may be obtained at 7-24/2022
July 24, 2022
August 22, 2022
August 10, 2022 8:05pm