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Montgomery County Sheriff Auction for August 12, 2022

MONTGOMERY COUNTY SHERIFF AUCTION for AUGUST 12, 2022 2021 CV 04145 Address: 636 LISCUM DRIVE, DAYTON, OH 45417 Plaintiff: REVERSE MORTGAGE FUNDING LLC DEFENDANT: UNKNOWN HEIRS OF BARBARA SMITH et al Attorney: JOHN D CLUNK PID: R72169180028 Appr Amt: $69,000.00 Min Bid: $46,000.00 2021 CV 04259 Address: 3105 CHARLOTTE MILL, DAYTON, OH 45439 Plaintiff: SPECIALIZED LOAN SERVICING DEFENDANT: TREVYN RILEY et al Attorney: PATRICIA JOHNSON PID: J441282060051 Appr Amt: $78,000.00 Min Bid: $52,000.00 2022 CV 00568 Address: 3397 ANNABELLE DRIVE, KETTERING, OH 45429 Plaintiff: NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE DEFENDANT: KEVIN M TINCHU et al Attorney: JUSTIN M RITCH PID: N64012060059 Appr Amt: $96,000.00 Min Bid: $64,000.00 2022 CV 00575 Address: 1973 TENNYSON AVENUE, DAYTON, OH 45406 Plaintiff: HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF GREATER DAYTON DEFENDANT: LASHON ADAMS et al Attorney: PETER B HOSHOR PID: R72162120060 Appr Amt: $36,000.00 Min Bid: $24,000.00 2022 CV 00707 Address: 1450 DAYTON GERMANTOWN PIKE, GERMANTOWN, OH 45327 Plaintiff: LAKEVIEW LOAN SERVICING DEFENDANT: RACHEL L JUSTICE et al Attorney: CARLA M ALLEN PID: D13002060064 Appr Amt: $114,000.00 Min Bid: $76,000.00 2022 CV 01073 Address: 1621 S SMITHVILLE RD, DAYTON, OH 45410 Plaintiff: US BANK DEFENDANT: HOBERT TIMOTHY BROWN INDIVIDUAL, et al Attorney: JOHN D CLUNK PID: R72149110005 Appr Amt: $30,000.00 Min Bid: $20,000.00 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON SHERIFF SALES, LOOK IN THE DAYTON DAILY NEWS OR ONLINE AT WWW.DAYTONDAILYNEWS.COM.
August 12, 2022
August 19, 2022
August 12, 2022 8:05pm