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Montgomery County Sheriff Auction for September 15, 2023

MONTGOMERY COUNTY SHERIFF AUCTION for SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 2021 CV 05249 Address: 4301 WOODCLIFFE AVE, DAYTON, OH 45420 Plaintiff: MYCUMORTGAGE LLC Defendant: KATIE SIMPSON, et al. Attorney: MATTHEW I. MCKELVEY PID: R72147100034 Appr Amount: $105,000.00 Min Bid: $70,000.00 2022 CV 05285 Address: 4432 GLENHEATH DR, KETTERING, OH 45440 Plaintiff: LAKEVIEW LOAN SERVICING Defendant: CHRISTOPHER RINGWALD et al. Attorney: TAMARA ROBINSON GURCHIK PID: N64022130001 Appr Amount: $180,000.00 Min Bid: $120,000.00 2022 CV 05503 Address: 9489 TAHOE DR, DAYTON, OH 45458 Plaintiff: UNITED WHOLESALE MORTGAGE LLC Defendant: LARRY CHARLES SIMS, et al. Attorney: TAMARA ROBINSON GURCHIK PID: O67514360038 Appr Amount: $240,000.00 Min Bid: $160,000.00 2023 CV 02172 Address: 3019 HARVARD BLVD, DAYTON, OH 45406 Plaintiff: WRIGHT PATT CREDIT UNION INC Defendant: UNKNOWN HEIRS OF DOLORES LEE et al. Attorney: RICARDO JOHNSTONE PID: R72162040043 Appr Amount: $53,000.00 Min Bid: $22,000.00 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON SHERIFF SALES, LOOK IN THE DAYTON DAILY NEWS OR ONLINE AT WWW.DAYTONDAILYNEWS.COM.
September 15, 2023
September 22, 2023
September 15, 2023 8:05pm