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Loveland 45140 3414 Fields Ertel Road

SHERIFF'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE Common Pleas Court of Warren County, Ohio Case Number: 22CV094857 JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, Plaintiff vs. KRISTIN DAY, ET AL., Defendant In pursuance of an Order of Sale from said Court to me directed, I will offer for sale at public auction, beginning on 09/26/2022, in accordance with ORC Section 2329.153, online @ https://warren.sheriffsaleauction.ohio. gov on Monday, September 26, 2022 at 8:30 A.M., and if not then sold, on Monday, October 10, 2022 at 8:30 A.M., the following described real estate, situated in the County of Warren and State of Ohio: LOCATION: 3414 FIELDS ERTEL ROAD (Residential) LOVELAND, OH 45140 PARCEL(S): 16-20-451-036 SITUATED IN THE TOWNSHIP OF DEERFIELD, COUNTY OF WARREN, AND STATE OF OHIO, IN SECTION 20, TOWN 4, ENTIRE RANGE 2, MIAMI PURCHASE, AND BEING A PART OF THAT 1.50 ACRE TRACT AS DESCRIBED IN A DEED TO AZATUL CHARCHALYAN, OF RECORD IN OFFICIAL RECORD 3469, PAGE 149, ALL REFERENCES HEREIN BEING TO THE RECORDS LOCATED IN THE RECORDER'S OFFICE, WARREN COUNTY, OHIO, AND BEING MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: BEGINNING FOR REFERENCE AT AN IRON PIN FOUND AT THE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF LOT 3 OF FIELDS-ERTEL ESTATES, A SUBDIVISION OF RECORD IN PLAT BOOK 26, PAGE 44, ALSO BEING A POINT ON THE NORTHERLY RIGHT-OF-WAY LINE OF FIELDS-ERTEL ROAD (60.00 FEET IN WIDTH); THENCE SOUTH 04 17' 00 WEST, ALONG THE WESTERLY LINE OF SAID LOT 3, A DISTANCE OF 30.00 FEET TO THE SOUTHEASTERLY CORNER OF SAID 1.50 ACRE TRACT, ALSO BEING A POINT ON THE SOUTHERLY LINE OF SAID SECTION 20, A POINT IN THE CENTERLINE OF SAID FIELDS-ERTEL ROAD, AND THE TRUE PLACE OF BEGINNING: THENCE NORTH 85 15' 00 WEST, ALONG THE SOUTHERLY LINE OF SAID SECTION 20, A DISTANCE OF 110.00 FEET TO A POINT; THENCE, THROUGH SAID 1.50 ACRES TRACT AND ALONG NEW DIVISION LINES, THE FOLLOWING COURSES: 1. NORTH 04 17' 00 EAST A DISTANCE OF 222.96 FEET TO AN IRON PIN SET, PASSING AN IRON PIN SET IN THE NORTHERLY RIGHT-OF-WAY LINE OF SAID FIELDS-ERTEL DRIVE AT A DISTANCE OF 30.00 FEET; 2. SOUTH 85 15' 00 EAST A DISTANCE OF 110.00 FEET TO AN IRON PIN SET IN THE WESTERLY LINE OF SAID LOT 3; THENCE SOUTH 04 17' 00 WEST, ALONG SAID WESTERLY LINE, A DISTANCE OF 222.96 FEET TO THE TRUE PLACE OF BEGINNING, CONTAINING 0.5630 ACRE OF LAND. BEARINGS HEREIN ARE BASED ON OFFICIAL RECORD 3469, PAGE 149. IRON PINS SET ARE 5/8 X 30 REBAR WITH A PLASTIC CAP INSCRIBED M-E COMP. S-6872. THIS DESCRIPTION WAS PREPARED BY M-E COMPANIES, CIVIL ENGINEERING GROUP, CINCINNATI, OHIO BY JON (BRETT) ADCOCK AND REVIEWED AND APPROVED BY ROBERT S. WYND, P.S. NO. 6872. GRANTOR HEREBY RESERVES AS A PERMANENT EASEMENT FOR THE BENEFIT OF WARREN COUNTY THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED PROPERTY FOR PUBLIC ROAD AND UTILITY PURPOSES: 30 FEET MEASURED FROM THE CENTERLINE OF FIELDS-ERTEL ROAD BY A PARALLEL LINE ACROSS THE FRONT OF THE LOT. NOTE: NOTWITHSTANDING THE REFERENCE TO ACREAGE OR SQUARE FOOTAGE IN THE DESCRIPTION SET FORTH IN SCHEDULE A HEREOF, THIS POLICY DOES NOT INSURE NOR GUARANTEE THE ACREAGE OR QUANTITY OF LAND SET FORTH THEREIN.SURVEY RECORD 125-65 Appraised at $195,000.00. The appraisal was completed based on an exterior view of the property only. Terms of sale: First Sale - To be sold at https://warren.sheriffsaleauction.ohio. gov for not less than two-thirds of the appraised value. Second Sale - If the property does not sell at the first auction, a second sale of this property will be held on Monday, October 10, 2022. The second sale shall be made without regard to the minimum bid requirements in ORC Section 2329.20, but shall be subject to costs, allowance and taxes under ORC Section 2329.21. $5,000.00 deposit which must be on account with Real Auction (See online sale/bidding instructions). Balance cashiers check only within thirty days after confirmation. ORC Section 2327.02(C) requires successful bidders pay recording and conveyance fees to the Sheriff at the time of sale. SHERIFF LARRY L. SIMS WARREN COUNTY, OHIO WWW.WCSOOH.ORG JOSHUA J. EPLING REIMER LAW CO 30455 SOLON ROAD PO BOX 39696 SOLON, OH 44139 (440)600-5500 ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF 8-28, 9-4, 9-11/2022
Fields Ertel Road
August 28, 2022
September 26, 2022
September 26, 2022 8:05pm