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Legal Notice No. 27 Electronic Bids Will Be

LEGAL NOTICE NO. 27 Electronic bids will be received through QuestCDN by the Director of Public Works of the City of Dayton, State of Ohio, until 12:00 Noon, THURSDAY, JULY 9, 2020 for the following improvement: ALBERTA-BROWN STREETS WATER MAIN IMPROVEMENTS (10% MBE, 5% SBE AND 5% WBE PARTICIPATION GOAL) Information and instructions to bidders may be obtained at the City Engineer's Office. Prospective bidders must be on the plan holders list through QuestCDN for bids to be accepted. Bidding documents for this project may be examined online or downloaded at: The QuestCDN eBidDoc Number for this project is 7132446. There is a non-refundable fee of $50 for each set of bidding documents. Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Women Business Enterprise (WBE) subcontract bidders on this project must be certified with the City of Dayton Human Relations Council as such. The City of Dayton encourages all bidders to review the list of certified companies in our Procurement Enhancement Program at certification/ (click the "Certification List" link under Procurement Enhancement Program). This Project is being bid with a 10% MBE, 5% SBE and 5% WBE participation goal. A company must be certified as MBE for the MBE goal, SBE for the SBE goal and WBE for the WBE goal at the time of the bid opening and must be pre-qualified to perform the proposed subcontracted work. You are advised to obtain a copy of the company's certification letter and to review the Certification List. The participation must be submitted with your bid form on the "PEP-Certified MBE Participation Form (for the MBE goal), SBE Participation Form (for the SBE goal) and WBE Participation Form (for the WBE goal)" provided by the City of Dayton Human Relations Council (HRC). Participation Forms must be completely filled out in accordance with the instructions listed on the forms. Any total or partial request for waiver of the MBE, SBE, and WBE goal must be submitted on the enclosed "PEP Participation Commitment and/or Waiver Request Form." Frederick M. Stovall, Director Department of Public Works Published in the Dayton Daily News on June 22, 2020 and June 29, 2020 6-22,6-29/2020
June 22, 2020
July 21, 2020
July 12, 2020 4:25pm