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Notice of Public Hearing Single Family Mortgage Revenue

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING SINGLE FAMILY MORTGAGE REVENUE BONDS The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (the "Issuer") will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 1:00 p.m., at 57 East Main St., meeting room 401, Columbus, Ohio 43215, to discuss the possible issuance by the Issuer of currently estimated not to exceed $500,000,000 (Five Hundred Million Dollars) aggregate principal amount of Ohio Housing Finance Agency Residential Mortgage Revenue Bonds, Ohio Housing Finance Agency Single Family Mortgage Revenue Bonds, Ohio Housing Finance Agency Housing Revenue Bonds or Ohio Housing Finance Agency Home Ownership Mortgage-Backed Exempt Securities, in one or more series (the "Bonds") some or all of which may be issued pursuant to a common plan of finance pursuant to Article VIII, Section 14, of the Ohio Constitution and Chapter 175 of the Ohio Revised Code. The proceeds of the Bonds would be loaned to residents of the State of Ohio who qualify under Chapter 175 of the Ohio Revised Code and Section 143 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, to purchase one to four unit owner-occupied residences in the State of Ohio, or to refund certain outstanding bonds of the Issuer. THE BONDS SHALL NOT REPRESENT OR CONSTITUTE A DEBT OR PLEDGE OF THE FAITH AND CREDIT OR THE TAXING POWER OF THE ISSUER OR THE STATE OF OHIO. The primary users of the residences are presently anticipated to be qualifying residents of the State of Ohio. Interested persons are invited to attend this Public Hearing and will be given an opportunity to express their views concerning the proposed issuance of the Bonds. Anyone desiring to make written comments can give them to the Secretary of the Issuer at the Ohio Housing Finance Agency, 57 East Main St., Columbus, Ohio 43215. This notice is given pursuant to Section 147 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. Sean Thomas Secretary of the Ohio Housing Finance Agency 1-8/2019
January 8, 2019
January 23, 2019
January 23, 2019 8:05pm